Some guys have all the luck.
“New Girl” star Jake Johnson hadn’t been at Monday’s Phillies/Cubs game for five minutes when he caught a foul ball hit by Jimmy Rollins in the 8th inning.
Johnson, a Chicago native and huge Cubs fan, has been to hundreds of games and never caught a ball. He told the People Paper’s Ellen Gray that he had his phone in one hand taking a picture of Citizens Bank Park when he saw the ball coming.
“I sat down, the ball goes in my hand,” he said. “I have the camera in one hand. I didn’t even have time to get nervous about catching or missing it,” Johnson said.
The actor, who will also appear in the film “Safety Not Guaranteed,” out June 8, said he hopes to visit every MLB stadium and asked Fox to arrange his “New Girl” publicity tour with that in mind. He knew Monday he would miss most of the Phillies/Cubs game but wanted to see as much as he could after flying into town.
He plans to catch a Red Sox game in Boston Tuesday night.