Following the conclusion of last week's Met Gala in NYC, Jay Z, Beyoncé, and her sister Solange headed to an after-party at the Standard Hotel. Following their arrival at the hotel, Solange allegedly "ferociously assaulted" Jay Z by "wildly kicking and swinging" at him.

TMZ originally broke the story, providing the above security footage that apparently shows Solange throwing some of those wild punches/kicks Jigga's way. According to TMZ's analysis of the clip, a "large man who appears to be a body guard" grips up Solange, but she nonetheless "manages to connect at least three times."

Beyoncé, for her part, stands by and does not become physically involved at any point. Jay can be seen grabbing Solange's foot, by never makes an attempt at striking back.

No word yet on what caused the scuffle.