The price is indeed wrong for Adam Sandler, who Forbes says is the most overpaid actor in the world. For those keeping score at home, Sandler is one of Hollywood's few actors that can demand more than $15 million a movie.

The Forbes list ranks actors by the ratio of cash they're paid to the amount of money their movies earn, and Sandler came out far, far in the red.  His last three films have been the worst, earning just $3.40 for every $1 the studios involved paid him. Other actors—say, Natalie Portman, for example—earn upwards of $43 for every dollar paid.

As they say, though, the writing has been on the wall for Sandler for a while now. Rotten Tomatoes scores show stinker status for every film he's made since 2009's Funny People, the worst of which—Jack and Jill—showing just a 3 percent approval rating. The days of Billy Madison, it would seem, are long over.

However, the silver lining here (for Sandler, anyway) is that he's just the worst case this year. Last year's most overpaid actor, Eddie Murphy, returned just $2.30 per dollar earned.

So at least he isn't Norbit.