Here in the US, we won't get a full look at the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 until May 2. The UK, however, got a special early release, and along with it an odd post-credits scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past featuring our first glimpse at former Mauckingbird Theatre actor Evan Jonigkeit as Toad.

More accurately, it features Jonigkeit as Toad doing battle against William Stryker alongside fellow heroes Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Havok (Lucas Till). Lucky for us, US theaters will have the same preview once Amazing Spider-Man 2 drops stateside.

Still, though, it's strange that the X-Men teaser, a Sony Film, appears at the end of Spider-Man, out via Fox. As it turns out, we're not getting a crossover any time soon, but rather director Marc Webb clearing up some contract negotiations. As per ScreenCrush's explanation:

"It's even more boring than marketing: it's contract negotiations. Variety reports that director Marc Webb owed Fox a movie from his old '500 Days of Summer' deal. Sony wanted him to direct 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' before he returned to Fox, and as part of that deal, Fox wanted a free plug at the end of the 'Spider-Man' sequel."

So, while the highly coveted crossover fans  appears to remain a pipe dream, at least we'll still get some Philly flavor in the latest X-Men effort. X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out May 23. Check out the post-credits teaser from Amazing Spider-Man 2 below:

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