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Local band Reading Rainbow changes name

Reading Rainbow, one of our fave local bands, announced they are changing their name to Bleeding Reading. Why? The sweetly punk trio has the list of reasons on their site (censorship/links are ours):

- We like the name Bleeding Rainbow better.
- It is trippy as s---.
- We didn't want to get a cease and desist letter from PBS.
- We were sick of being named after a children's t.v. show.
- We were sick of people fixating on it and making dumb jokes/comments about it. (even though it was our own damn fault.)
- Carrie Brownstein didn't like the name Reading Rainbow.

Whatever their moniker, you can catch Reading/Bleeding Rainbow in Philly at Little Berlin on December 10. Check out their Bandcamp, or listen to their most recent recording Dead End 7" below.

For those keeping score at home, their new Twitter handle is @RainbowBleeding.