There's no denying that "Happy" is one of the most infectious pop hits since "Blurred Lines" and "Get Lucky" – and what they all have in common is that producer-musician Pharrell Williams had a heavy hand in their creation. But "Happy" is one of the first times we've seen the artist step out and be wildly successful in his solo career.

Williams sat down with the queen of interviews, Oprah Winfrey, to discuss the pathway that led him to become one of the most sought out, talked about talents in the industry. When discussing the immense success of his number one hit "Happy," Oprah cued a montage of homemade video clips that showed folks from all over the world dancing and singing to his song, which brought Pharrell to tears. "It's overwhelming because I love what I do and I appreciate the fact that, like, people have believed in me for so long, that I could make it to this point to… to feel that," he said through watery eyes.

Let the "Year of Pharrell" begin.

Watch various clips from Pharrell's interview with Oprah here.