Last night, President Barack Obama was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and like Brian Williams before him, he told Fallon, "I, too, want to slow jam the news."

The POTUS' routine with Fallon and house band The Roots allowed Obama to go after the youth vote with a bit about Stafford student loans and the need to keep the current interest rate of 3.4% in place, rather than allowing it to double, as scheduled, to 6.8% in July. It's an idea on which, Black Thought sang, "the left and right should come together on, like Kim and Kanye," and indeed Mitt Romney announced yesterday that he shares the President's stance.

Watch the clip, and see the Obama drop the mic before The Roots play "Eric B. for President," below. Thanks to During the show, which was filmed at the Univerity of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Obama also sat for an interview with Fallon - who duringthe Slow Jam segment referred to the President as "the Barackness Monster" - which you can watch here.

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