R5 Productions casually announced three show dates for their exciting new South Philadelphia venue, The Boot & Saddle, yesterday on their Facebook page:

"Shhh, we secretly announced the first three shows for our exciting new venue The Boot & Saddle which opens up on the fall : Grails on Sep 14th * Lightning Dust on Sep 16th * Laura Veirs on Sep 20th ! Lots more info on that soon..."

Talks about the new venue started up in spring of 2012 and are finally coming together as planned.

The shows are listed for September 14-20. With these dates, we can guess a grand opening will come during the first or second week of September.

R5 Productions teamed up with Four Corners Management once again for this one–the same group who assembled places like Union Transfer, Morgan's Pier, and most recently The Dolphin. Their latest project is geographically not too far from The Dolphin and carries over a very similar interior look–long central bar, wood paneled walls and a divey feel. You can see a photo of the inside here.

The Boot & Saddle was best known as a live music venue and has been closed down for over a decade. The South Broad Street country western bar has seen better days. You've probably passed by the decaying boot and the charming sign that says, "Country & Western" in big bold red letters. Although it's advertised outside, don't expect many country or western themed nights–but that's something we can't confirm.

The Boot & Saddle is located at 1131 S. Broad Street.