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Wu-Tang affiliated rapper reportedly cut off his penis and tried to commit suicide

I think that headline just about sums it up.

I think that headline just about sums it up. TMZ is reporting that L.A. rapper Andre Johnson, who is affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, attempted alleged suicide by jumping off of a second story balcony Wednesday morning, after he had cut off his own penis.

After receiving a phone call, police arrived at a North Hollywood apartment building at 1 AM and found Johnson lying on the sidewalk in critical condition… without his Johnson. But as Gawker put it, "The status of his penis is unknown."

Andre, who goes by the name Christ Bearer, is part of the rap duo Northstar. Wu-Tang member RZA discovered the group in 1998 outside of L.A. radio station The Beat.

Just yesterday, a video featuring Christ Bearer and Rugged Monk was posted to YouTube.