Ah, Ben Flajnik. You sweet, kind dummy. We all know love is blind. But it's also apparently pretty stupid. After a long, strange season of The Bachelor, in the shadow of Switzerland's Matterhorn, Ben put a ring on the finger of Courtney Robertson, the Cruella DeVille of romance reality. Here was the proposal.

In choosing Courtney, Ben spurned Lindzi Cox (even though she has a name that sounds like Swiss chocolate). Lindzi made a key tactical error on her final date with Ben in the finicula with the fondue pot: she was all love and kisses. Courtney countered with guilt trips and tears. Nails 'em every time, girls.

At what point in the season do you think Ben was a goner? I'm going with the obvious: the skinny dipping in Puerto Rico. You could practically see the fantasy bubble above his head: "I just went swimming naked in the Caribbean with a model! Somebody pinch me! Not you, Sheryl."

Certainly when Ben's mother and sister gave Courtney their whole-hearted endorsement last night you knew it was over.

That's why it was so moving when Ben said to Courtney, "I had promised myself I wouldn't get down on my knee again unless it was forever."

Turned out forever lasted about a month. As revealed on the final After the Rose special, Ben broke up with Courtney as soon as ABC began airing episodes of the season and he could see the nasty, unhinged behavior that everyone had been warning him about for months.

She expressed how hurt she felt, saying, "He abandoned me." It may have been the first time I both felt she was being honest and experienced sympathy for her. She and Ben cried; Chris Harrison brought the engagement ring back out; Ben slipped it back on Courtney's finger; America applauded and went to bed happy.

What chance do you give this relationship for making it to the altar? Bear in mind The Bachelor doesn't have very good track record to begin with.

Poor, sweet Ben. You had two shots at TV love. The first time, after Ashley Hebert turned you down, you wandered, stunned, bumping into walls and benches, walking out in front of traffic. This time, you got the girl. It's like you can never win, dude.

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