Hell hath no fury like a television show's viewership scorned.

Amazon is learning that fact following the cancellation of Good Girls Revolt, a critically acclaimed, 1969-set drama from Moorestown, N.J., native Dana Calvo. The show, which centers on the lives of female journalist researchers at a publication modeled after Newsweek, debuted Oct. 28.

"I pitched Season 2 on Wednesday…then heard Thursday night that we were not getting renewed," Calvo said in a phone interview Monday.

There had been a "brief discussion" after her pitch, she said, in which Amazon Studios chief Roy Price had wondered aloud, " 'What if they made it into a half-hour?' I mean, talk about someone who just didn't get our show. This is a grownup, hourlong drama."

Amazon routinely doesn't share viewing statistics with reporters or creators, but Sony, which produces the show,  had commissioned Symphony Advanced Media, which has begun tracking streaming media, to "run their own metrics. And of course in the gaslighting that is this situation, Amazon's like, 'Well, we don't know if we believe Symphony's data,'" Calvo said.

Sony is now at work looking for a new home for the show,  she said. "We believe in these characters and we believe in this story, and we believe that right now is when we should be telling these stories, and to have the rug pulled from under us after doing our job and doing it well just felt wholly unfair.

Early on, she said, they'd asked Amazon how they could judge the show's success and were told that "things like [the criticism aggregation site] Rotten Tomatoes really matter." (On Monday, the show had a respectable 72 percent rating from TV critics and a 96 percent approval from viewers who'd weighed in.)

"We did our job. We were a critical and commercial hit," Calvo said.

Earlier, following the show's cancellation, Calvo compared its fate with Hillary Clinton's defeat this election season despite winning the popular vote:

Before canceling the show last week, Amazon previously told the Hollywood Reporter that Good Girls Revolt was the "top binged first season of a U.S.-produced Amazon original series" across its first 10 days streaming. And, as Calvo told Buzzfeed reporter Kate Aurthur, the show outperformed Amazon hit Transparent by about twofold, according to studio Sony Pictures Television, which produced Good Girls Revolt:

Why the show was canceled exactly remains somewhat of a mystery, though the Hollywood Reporter does note that Amazon Studios Chief Roy Price "was not a fan of the series." Price reportedly did not think Good Girls Revolt was an "awards season player," and passed on a second season.

Now, fans of the show — including star Genevieve Angelson — are fighting back against the cancelation with the #SaveGoodGirlsRevolt hashtag:

Do hashtags matter? They do, said Calvo. "It's not that we're trying to get Amazon to reverse their decision. We want to prove to another network that we're a bestseller. So #savegoodgirlsrevolt on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook has been so heartening...because when you get dumped by a network, it's like a bad breakup. And it's been such sort of solace for us, and so encouraging to hear people's stories about what the show's meant to them. Especially in the wake of the election."

Celebrities beyond Angelson, including Mo Rocca and Sophia Bush, have also joined in an attempt to save the show:

As have more ordinary fans of the show:

Sony will shop the show to other outlets, Buzzfeed's Aurthur reports. And, as Angelson noted on Twitter, support from fans out to help out in that arena:

Despite Good Girls Revolt's cancellation, Amazon has renewed comedian Tig Notaro's One Mississippi, which also debuted in October, for a second season. Next year will also bring The Tick, Sneaky Pete, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, and I Love Dick.