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Former 6ABC weatherguy Dave Roberts lands a role in son's 'Bones' finale

Dave Roberts, the popular 6ABC weathercaster who retired in 2009, will play a TV newsman in the series finale of Fox's Bones, which is wrapping up this season after 12 seasons.

He had an in. Roberts' son, actor David Boreanaz, stars in the show and also directed its finale.

"It was great about my dad and my mom [Patti] that I was able to get them in the series finale. I was able to get them all in — I got my son in, I got my daughter in, and Jaime [his wife], so the whole family's definitely going to be in," Boreanaz said Wednesday after the Bones cast's final session at the Television Critics Association's meetings in Pasadena, Calif.

His father, he said, "does a news reporting kind of a thing...but it's part of the storyline," so he couldn't go into details.

Boreanaz had posted this picture of his parents (with recurring guest star Cyndi Lauper) on his Twitter feed.


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