Hotel chain Howard Johnson's is apologizing to a fictional character Don Draper for something they didn't actually do.

"Mad Men" fans will remember from Sunday's episode that Don Draper lost it on Sunday's episode after learning that the heated pool at the Plattsburgh Howard Johnson's was closed. As a mea culpa, HoJo will give a free stay to anyone named Don Draper. From the press release:

We've all been there. You plan a weekend away only to check-in to your hotel and find that a much desired amenity—the hotel pool—is closed. It's enough to make a man mad. But, it shouldn't have to. So, to the Don Drapers of the world, the Howard Johnson® hotel brand would like to say this: We're sorry and your next stay is on us.

Now through May 8, 2012, any traveler with the legal name Don Draper can book a free one-night stay this summer at one of the following select Howard Johnson hotels throughout the U.S:

From a quick search, we found one Donald Draper living in Philly (there are a lot of D. Drapers, but we can't be sure if those are legit Dons) so have at it, solo Draper (and feel free to invite us. We love those clams).

As "Mad Men" fans know, Don Draper isn't the real name of the character played by Jon Hamm. So we called up Howard Johnsons to ask the question on everyone's minds: Do Dick Whitmans also get to stay for free?

Unfortunately, the Dick Whitmans of the world are on their own.