Alterna-holiday Festivus might be taking some flack in states like Florida and Wisconsin, but in Sen. Rand Paul's home state of Kentucky, it looks like the Seinfeld tradition isn't going anywhere.

Repleat with holiday practices like "Feats of Strength," "Festivus Miracles," and "Airing of Grievances," Festivus is an oddball take on Christmas that Seinfeld staff writer Dan O'Keefe grew up with thanks to his father. So, no, it isn't an actual holiday. But just try telling that to Sen. Rand Paul, who has been airing his grievances (as is tradition) via Twitter all morning.

As an anti-Fed, anti-large government, Paul had plenty to grieve about. Some choice tweets:

The Senate cafeteria never has burgoo.
Grievance with my otherwise wonderful staff: leave the turtleneck alone. I like it and so do viewers.
One party seems to like some of the Bill of Rights. The other party, some more. Few willing to stand up for the whole thing.
Over 300 House members helped pass Audit the Fed with real bipartisanship. Still no vote in the Senate.
In response to some of your tweets, there will be no feats of strength, and I have no plans to end Festivus by wrestling with Senator Reid.

Since Seinfeld debuted Festivus—proclaimed by George Costanza to be the holiday "for the rest of us—it has slowly grown into a secular celebration, complete with its own barebones Christmas tree, traditions, and followers. But with Paul's inclusion among the Festivus set, the holiday may have just gained a whole new level of validity.

Or, at least once our politicians get that "Feats of Strength" thing out of the way.