StudentsCare, a nonprofit begun in 2013 by a then-University of Pennsylvania graduate student that pairs college students with kids undergoing long-term hospitalizations, was spotlighted Tuesday morning on a morning cable TV show.

Live Life Forward focuses on "organizations making a difference."

StudentsCare CEO Erica Sokol had already started a buddy program in a hospital in Florida when, during her studies at Penn's School of Social Policy & Practice, she launched StudentsCare and expanded the program to three more hospitals, including Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. StudentsCare

She told Live Life Forward host Adrian Paul (Highlander: The Series) that the idea for the original program came to her as a pre-med student (at the University of Florida), when she was volunteering at a local hospital.

"I saw these kids, often alone in their room, and then I thought, you know, there's this college campus right down the street with all these college students like myself that want to get involved, want to give back."