'Tis the season, sassenachs! Hack the dreaded holiday shopping while scratching your Outlander itch as you languish in Droughtlander, awaiting Season 3 of the hit Starz show. Here are 12 (mostly) reasonably priced, (somewhat) seriously selected items for the Outlander fans on your list. (Photos provided by Starz and/or the manufacturers.)

 1. With this ring...

Yes, that ring. It's a subtle, sterling-silver declaration of Outlander love (prices start at $45.50) that fellow fans will instantly understand. The uninitiated will like it just because it's pretty.

 2. Plaid dreams, Part 1.

The Celtic Croft sells "Officially licensed Outlander: The Series Tartans." Authenticity isn't cheap, though. The Great Kilt Authentic Premium Wool Tartan, in Outlander's Fraser plaid, is $499. No, Sam Heughan doesn't come with it.

3. Plaid dreams, Part 2.

Too Scottish to drop that kinda cash? (We're Scottish; we can say that.) Here's a similar Celtic Croft kilt in a polyester/viscose blend for $249. It's entirely possible a bearded ginger dude comes with it.

4. Is that heather I smell?

Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books are rich in detail. But the careful reader may choose not to dwell on how 18th-century Highland warrior Jamie Fraser might have, um, smelled. But this is fantasy! So let's imagine he has "an inviting scent composed of musk, pine and wood smoke in auburn," like this candle by Book Scents ($15.99). Burns for hours, just like we do for you, James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

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6. Knitwear envy.

7. It's charming!

This sweet Outlander charm bracelet  from TheMagpizeNest ($45) is "fully loaded," its maker says. There: the words "Outlander" and "fully loaded" in the same sentence.

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 9. You know you’re deep into Droughtlander ...

When your obsessive Googling brings back nothing but boring stuff about ... a car. Have the last laugh — buy a Mitsubishi Outlander! Starting at $23,995. (When are they gonna get smart and design one with a Fraser tartan interior?)

10. Confound tailgaters.

Get a 'Tulach Ard' car decal ($9). For your Mitsubishi Outlander, of course.

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12. Finally, a Serious Gift.