We first saw Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis team up in 2009's The Hangover, but as a newly surfaced clip proves, the pair were actually, erm, very well-acquainted as far back as 2002. Behold, ladies and gentlemen, Cooper's appearance on Late World with Zach.

Featuring Galifianakis without his trademark beard, the show followed the usual talk show format we're familiar with, but aimed at a younger, probably more stoned audience. Think a pre-Adult Swim live action, complete with non-sequiturs and hilariously awkward humor. Perhaps not surprisingly, Late World with Zach only lasted nine episodes.

Fortunately, though, the stunted run was able to produce this now-vintage internet gem, which shows Cooper humping Galifianakis' belt buckle (at his request), doling out a nice foot massage, a chat about whales, and referencing Philadelphia as his hometown. So, something for everyone.

If nothing else, though, Late World with Zach proves this: Bradley Cooper, like a fine wine, gets better with age. Zach Galifiankis just gets hairier.

Can't see the video? Click here.