We first learned back in October of last year that cheesesteak impresario Tony Luke Jr. would be doing a reality cooking show with Spike TV dubbed Frankenfood. Now, with the release of the show's very first trailer, we can confirm that it is exactly what it sounds like.

Luke appears alongside chef Josh Capon to judge head-to-head competitions based around what a press release calls "unexpected food concoctions" that contenders hope to get onto the menu of a restaurant local to the competition. That, and $10,000.

In the show's first trailer, we get a sneak peak at food monstrosities like "Finger Lickin' Chocolate Chicken," and "Cookie Monster's Breakfast." The "Frankenfoods," of course," are judged on a "Frankenpass" or "Frankenfail" system, so it looks like there's no messy scoring to worry about. But, then, how can you award points to something as enigmatic as chocolate chicken?

Frankenfood premieres on Spike on June 8. In the mean time, check out the trailer below: