Do you like apples? Well, Harvey and Bob Weinstein are back in business with Miramax—meaning that we're likely to see a TV series version of Good Will Hunting. How do you like them apples?

The two Hollywood giants have forged a 20-year production and distribution partnership that will give the Weinsteins free reign over the Miramax library, which includes classic hits like Shakespeare in Love, Swingers, and Flirting With Disaster. What's more, it looks we'll see a sequel or TV adaptation of those films. As per Hollywood Reporter:

"For a Shakespeare in Love sequel, Weinstein says he is eyeing British playwright James Graham (This House) to write a script, but he will not make a deal until the ink is dry on the new Weinstein Co.-Miramax partnership. There is no talent yet attached to a Swingers adaptation for the small screen, though Weinstein says the time is perfect for the project "in a post-Entourage marketplace." Flirting With Disaster and Good Will Hunting also are being targeted as TV series. The new deal covers theater projects as well."

The Good Will Hunting adaptation, however, is currently only in the early stages of development. Release will come through The Weinstein Co. when the time comes, though, and with no talent yet attached, it could be a ways off.

But given how quickly Miramax launched development on a TV version of From Dusk Till Dawn—along with similar version of Miramax films like Gangs of New York and Copland—it might be sooner than you think.

Unless, of course, Hollywood decides to put out something new.