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Zach Galifainakis goes prime time

His interview special precedes the Comedy Awards

If you haven't seen Zach Galifianakis's Between Two Ferns celebrity interviews online, well, you have a treat in store. He invites on famous actors and then goes into character as a completely self-obsessed jerk, resulting in a series of wildly inappropriate questions. It's like Bizarro World James Lipton.

Last night he took Between Two Ferns to prime time, as a cable special airing before what he called "entertainment's biggest night", the Comedy Awards on Comedy Central. (Think of those interview specials Barbara Walters does before the Oscars.)

Zach identifies his guests as "three of America's funniest comedians". Here's a taste of what happens whena funny people meet the world's most uninformed, arrogant, inept, narcissistic interviewer.

First up Tina Fey, who is offended from the word go.

Then Sir Richard Branson. I have to admit, I did not know he was a comedian. Truthfully, I wasn't even aware he was American.

Finally Jon Stewart, who deflates Zach's contribution to his biggest film credit: The Hangover.

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