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Clinton & Kane together again

Two high-profile women who worked to support each other in runs for high office now find themselves facing lows in their careers.

Perhaps you noticed front-page stories in Monday's Inquirer and The Washington Post about problems facing Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

They are two high-profile women who helped each other in runs for high office, who were labeled likely leaders of their party, but who now face what can reasonably called lows -- maybe even stop signs -- in their respective careers.

Kane, the embattled AG who worked on Clinton's 2008 presidential primary campaign, is in court here this week on legal issues related to possible criminal charges involving her alleged leak of secret grand jury material.

The Inky details the case that could lead to Kane leaving office or badly damage her chances for her intended reelection bid next year.

The Post details Clinton's woes over recent reports of her working, while secretary of state, with foreign governments donating to he family's global charity, and her exclusive use of private email while in office in apparent violation of government regulations.

Clinton and her husband supported Kane's successful 2012 campaign for AG; and Kane became, within less than a year of taking office, the state's Democratic rising star, touted as the party's next candidate for governor or U.S. Senate.

Clinton, despite her 2008 primary loss, rose again as President Obama's choice to head the State Department and became the presumed, some say inevitable, choice of her party to be its presidential nominee in 2016.

Now Kane and Clinton are together again. But this time the focus isn't so much on how far they can go. The focus now is shifted more to how long they can last.