Pennsylvania, where (for much of the state) the first day of deer hunting season is treated as a holiday, leads all northeastern states and its southern neighboring states in contributions from the NRA to members of Congress.

And it leads every such state by a lot, save Virginia, which is closest in the region in overall donations.

A national map published by The Washington Post shows NRA dough to every state since 1998. The total is $3.7 million.

The breakdown by state shows New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Maryland and Virginia with less NRA donations than Pennsylvania. It also shows no contributions to members of Congress from Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island.

The totals aren't high. But remember, the NRA isn't known for throwing around lots of money in Congress. It's better known for mailings to members with names of candidates it supports or opposes.

The Pa. list includes 11 of the state's 13 Republican congressmen, none of the five Democratic congressman and neither Senator -- Republican Pat Toomey nor Democrat Bob Casey.

Republican congressmen listed as getting NRA dough (in descending amount order) are: U.S. Reps. Tim Murphy, Charlie Dent, Bill Shuster, Pat Meehan, Ryan Costello, Mike Kelly, Scott Perry, Glenn Thompson, Tom Marino, Lou Barletta and Keith Rothfus.

You can see the map and Pennsylvania money numbers right here.

I point this out mostly because in national and regional state-to-state comparisons on things such as job creation, education-funding equity, per capita income and other stuff that moves state economies forward, Pennsylvania usually lags way behind.

So it's nice (I guess) to be a regional leader in something.