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The Sixers sent out an inaccurate schedule

Maybe the Sixers don't want fans filling the Wells Fargo Center after all. The team is going to struggle again this season, and in turn they may struggle to sell tickets as well. The schedule they sent out recently to ticket-purchasers won't help.

The schedule, which is color-coded based on home and away games, is backwards, as in all the games that the Sixers have marked as home games are actually away games, and vice versa.

The team opens up on the road against Indiana on October 29th, with their first home game coming the following Saturday, the 1st, against Miami.

Interested ticket buyers were probably confused as to why the team had so many home games scheduled to start at 9:00 pm or later, as home games are usually slated for 7:00 pm.

Just goes to show that the season doesn't actually need to be underway in order for the Sixers to make mistakes.