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Former pistachio pitchman Stephen Colbert mocks fired Phillies Pistachio Girl

Stephen Colbert knows all about pistachios, thanks to his brief stint as the pitchman for Wonderful Pistachios.

"Why is she selling pistachios?" Colbert asked. "Cracker Jacks has cracker right in the name."

Quickly, Colbert was interrupted by the the show's beloved singing walnut boy, who lead the crowd in a chant before diverging into alt-nut conspiracy theories of his own.

"Walnuts, they're the master nut!" the vendor proclaimed, noting that almonds lack the Omega-3 fatty acid of walnuts.

Watch (segment starts at 3:38):

Youcis told Daily News columnist Will Bunch that she had been a supporter of the white nationalist "alt-right" movement for about 10 months before becoming involved in an altercation after leaving a conference held by the National Policy Institute back in November. The institute has been labeled a white-supremacist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"Basically, we just want to keep whites from becoming minorities in their own homeland," Youcis told Inquirer columnist and CNN host Michael Smerconish, going on to proclaim that "Jews dominate the media. Jews started communism."

"People have asked me this repeatedly, and I keep telling them I'm being serious," Youcis told PhillyClout. "I don't understand why they can't get it through their skull."