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Giant weird fish found in N.J.

Ah, summer in New Jersey.

First it was the deadly clinging jellyfish, then it was the kid who caught the 200-pound shark, now it is the story about the family that found the giant weird fish.

Edward Briese and his uncle were out clamming in the shallows of Reed's Bay in Atlantic County when they came across the rotting corpse of an ocean sunfish, or mola mola, according to the story in the Press of Atlantic City.

Briese told the Press that the fish, which is more commonly found in more tropical and temperate waters, was just less than 6 feet long and missing some fins.

They have a voracious appetite for jellyfish, according to the research site

They are also funny looking.

Sadly, the mola molas often die from eating plastic bags that resemble jellies floating in the water.

For fish lovers -- the kind that are still swimming, not the ones on the dinner plate -- it is possible to foster a fish through the Adopt a Sunfish Project.