Former Philly weatherman John Bolaris announced in a tweet on Friday that he's leaving Twitter.

In an email Friday, Bolaris explained: "I'm in the process of totally redefining my career, and I need a clear runway ahead. Although I certainly enjoyed tweeting my opinions , thoughts & of course weather, but I also come to the realization that at times my strong, emotional tweets do more damage than they do good, and some of my tweets were simply knee jerk reactions of hurtful emotions & serve zero purpose.

"I made a promise to myself for 2017 to be very focused as I continue to go full steam ahead with my real estate career & make sure that I set a good example for my daughter. Social media wise I will communicate through Facebook which will be 100% positive."

Bolaris went on a Twitter rant on Tuesday to say he had been fired from his column-writing duties at the Metro. The Metro column was the only weather-related thing he still did.

real-estate agent since 2015, Bolaris previously worked for two years as a weather contributor for, and before that, as a meteorologist at FOX29 and NBC10 in Philadelphia.

He's had his share of infamous headlines.

He was fired by FOX29 after a Playboy article was published in December 2011 detailing his run-in with two Eastern European babes who drugged him in Miami Beach, Fla., and bilked him out of thousands of dollars.