A New Jersey garbage company tops the list of commercial toll violators that owe Pennsylvania more than $1.5 million in unpaid tolls and fees, according to the Turnpike Commission.

The commission released a list of 24 companies - mostly trucking companies - that have multiple unpaid tolls and violations.

Green Coast Logistics of South Plainfield had 7,631 outstanding violations and owed the state $678,483.91. Calls to the company were not returned.

Of the top commercial violators, 10 companies are from New Jersey, eight from Pennsylvania, two each from Virginia and  Arizona, and one each from Ohio and Illinois, according to the commission.

Natural Stone Wholesalers of Williamstown, NJ checks in at number two with 927 violations totaling more than $79,000 followed by U-Haul Company of Arizona, in Phoenix with 975 violations owing $75,000, Salson Dedicated, Inc. of Newark, New Jersey with 214 violations totaling about $56,000 and Cheaper by the Dozen, in Levittown, Pa., with 494 violations totaling about $56,000.

"We are doing all we can to collect every penny, but it is simply not enough," said PA Turnpike Chairman Sean Logan in a statement.

The commission is seeking a legislation to suspend vehicle registrations of repeat offenders who have failed to pay tolls.

"We aggressively pursue all violators and we have a strong and successful track record. But last year, we lost $5.4 million in uncollected revenues," Logan said. "Each year, the number of violators and the revenue loss continues to climb as traffic and use of E-ZPass grows."

The commission also released a state-by-state breakdown of toll violators - most from boarding states - who ignored repeated attempts by the state to collect the unpaid tolls. Each state plus Quebec, Canada, has violators on the list.

In all, those with Pennsylvania registrations account for 209,070 violations totaling $27,959,799, New Jersey registrations have 64,103 violations with $7,087,326, according to the commission.