By Tuesday night, the snowfall in Philadelphia could surpass the seasonal total thus far.

For winter 2016-2017, about nine inches of snow have fallen, as measured at Philadelphia International Airport. For some perspective: By the end of February, the city typically has seen 19 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service.

Philadelphia has had some degree of snow on 17 days this winter. Here is the complete list of days with snow this season and amounts (including traces, to be generous), according to the weather service:

November (monthly total: trace)
Nov. 20: trace

December (monthly total: 0.3)
Dec. 6: trace
Dec. 10: trace
Dec. 11: trace
Dec. 14: trace
Dec. 15: 0.2
Dec. 17: 0.1
Dec. 30: trace

January (monthly total: 5.7)
Jan. 5: 0.9
Jan. 6: 1
Jan. 7: 3
Jan. 14: trace
Jan. 28: trace
Jan. 30: 0.8

February (monthly total: 2)
Feb. 9: 2

March (monthly total to date: 1)
March 3: trace
March 10: 1