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SEPTA to try out urine-repelling paint

SEPTA has announced that it will test out a urine-repelling liquid cleaner in an attempt to minimize nasty smells and complaints about cleanliness, the Associated Press reported.

The repellent, Ultra-Ever Dry, has been used in public spaces in San Francisco and Hamburg, Germany, where incontinent or inconsiderate riders have also left their mark.

In addition to suppressing smells, the paint reportedly deflects the liquid waste back onto the offender.

SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch told AP they hope to test the product in the coming weeks, but haven't decided whether they will coat elevators like San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit agency does.

"We are always looking for new ideas to improve the situation and to keep the facilites clean," said Busch.

The news website Billy Penn first reported the agency's plans.

Busch says costs to try out the product are minimal. The liquid is dispensed from a large professional paint spray-like applicator, Busch said.