A Camden County woman who was seriously injured by a foul ball at a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game two years ago has filed a lawsuit against the team, according to a report.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Dana Morelli, 47, of Glendora, N.J., has filed a suit against the team over injuries including a fractured eye socket, nerve damage, and a concussion that she says she suffered after being hit with a ball during batting practice on Aug. 6, 2014.

Morelli had attended the Brewers' game against the San Francisco Giants with her son and fiancé. The group had been seated behind third base in the second row in Miller Park, with a Giants player reportedly launching a ball into the stands shortly thereafter. Morelli, the lawsuit alleges, was struck just below her left eye. She reportedly recuperated in a dark room in a Milwaukee hospital for several days before returning home to New Jersey.

Now, Morelli's suit claims the Brewers, as well as their insurer, did not adhere to Wisconsin's "safe place statute," as they did not take steps "reasonably necessary to protect the life, health, safety, and welfare" of visitors to the park. As the Journal Sentinel notes, the stadium installed extended netting to help prevent foul ball-related injuries prior to the start of the 2016 season.

Earlier this month, Phillies shortstop Freddy Galvis called for extending the protective netting behind the dugouts at Citizens Bank Park after a ball struck a young girl. Following Galvis' warning, a second person was struck by a foul ball, marking two straight Phillies games during which a ball injured a fan.

"The fans give you the money, so you should project them, right? We're worred about speeding up the game," Galvis said last week. "Why don't you put up a net and project all the fans?"

Currently, as NJ.com points out, there is a federal lawsuit in San Francisco that would have Major League Baseball teams install protective netting that would more completely protectr fans by covering the space from the backstop to the foul poles.