When the Chinese eatery Noodle Heaven closed in 2003 in front of the Bellevue on Broad Street (where Bliss is now), owner Jane Guo vowed a return to Center City.

She's making it happen.

Jane G's is planned for 1930 Chestnut St., the art-deco apartment building at 20th and Chestnut.

Guo emphasized that it will not be a noodle house or a variation of Noodle Heaven, as Foobooz speculated.

It will be high-end, refined cooking from multiple regions of China, with a bar, she told me.

Guo, who owns the Noodle Panda restaurants in Pottstown and Reading, said she does not expect to open before next summer. (At last! A restaurateur truly acknowledging how long such a project will take, from community approval to city approval to construction.)