Monk's, the popular Belgian bar on 16th Street near Spruce, could be back in business inside a week, "two weeks at the most," said co-owner Tom Peters.

Peters, a few staffers, and several patrons were wrapping up the evening shortly before 2 a.m. Tuesday when a SEPTA bus careened out of control and struck the facade of the building, which also has apartments upstairs.

I'm awaiting a call from the city Department of Licenses & Inspections to confirm, but Peters says the building is structurally sound. At 9 a.m., he was on his way to find a mason to fix the brickwork. Update: The city says an inspector will return Friday.

See more about the crash here.

This is the second freak incident in a year at the property. On Aug. 30, 2009, a man was killed and a woman was injured when a railing gave way outside an upstairs apartment.