In January, we learned that ex-reality TV star Jon Gosselin had decided to try his hand at the party entertainment circuit by reinventing himself as the inimitable DJ Jon Gosselin. But as video from a recent gig at a New Jersey bowling alley seems to show, that new career is off to a decidedly lukewarm start.

Obtained by TMZ, the video shows Gosselin DJing a gig at Brewsters Pub at Maple Shade's Laurel Lanes last weekend to the fanfare of what appears to be a single, incredibly enthusiastic dancer. And while an empty dance floor doesn't exactly signal prosperity for a DJ, Laurel Lanes marketing manager Justin Borstad tells Us Weekly that the gig was actually quite a success.

"His appearance was a great time," Borstad told Us Weekly. "We had many people inside the bar, just none that wanted to dance."

Perhaps it was the set Gosselin cooked up for the gig, which reportedly switched between tracks from Iggy Azalea, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift, that kept people from the dance floor. Or the lone, dancing woman did it herself. Whatever the case, Borstad insists that the gig was good.

"Do not be fooled," he said. "He was a good DJ."

In line with that claim, a Facebook post from Laurel Lanes indicates that roughly 75 to 100 people showed up for Gosselin's DJ set, which would hardly make a failure on numbers alone. But, being that it was a DJ gig, that a single attendee out of up to 100 people danced would seem to indicate that "a good DJ" wasn't even in the building.

DJing is Gosselin's latest career move, with the former reality TV star trying his hand at the craft following news that he had been evicted from his rural Pennsylvania home last fall. He is currently employed by Eclipse Entertainers in Morgantown.