Neil Hilborn is a slam poet who graduated with honors from Macalester College, a small, liberal arts school in Minnesota. On Monday morning, Hilborn found his way to the front page of Reddit thanks to a video of one of his performances. His incredibly beautiful slam poem "OCD" is a passionate description of the kind of love that transcends serious disorders like OCD.

Back in June, Hilborn and a bunch of other poets descended upon Madison, Wisconsin for the Rustbelt Poetry Slam, a Midwest regional competition. According to the video's description, Hilborn's "Mating Habits of the North American Hipster" was the only performance to earn a perfect score in the entire tournament.

It's hilarious and, given his beard and suspenders, at least mildly ironic. [Button Poetry]

The preliminary mating ritual is now over. Let us follow them back to the filthy hovel in which they will attempt to produce awful, mustachioed babies. Hipster dens are often decorated in trash, and this one is no different: bent bicycle rims and brown paper bags are nailed to every wall.