Heidi Klum has confirmed it to People. So it must be true, alas. She and Seal will divorce after almost seven years of bledded wiss. A statement from the couple says, sadly, that "we have grown apart." That confirms TMZ reports over the weekend. She's been out of the house a lot, here and in Germany, doing her TV thing, and he's been out a lot, touring behind his CD Soul 2 - he was to tape Ellen DeGeneres' show on Monday. Gosh, those two used to renew their vows every year at a special party. She even took his last name (he does have one: Samuel) in 2010. So she has two marriages in the bag, and three kids with Seal, Henry, 6, Johan, 5, and Lou, 2, plus a daughter, Leni, from some previous deal with Italian race-car guy Flavio Briatore. Her dad, Gunther Klum, wonderful name, says times have been a little rocky chez Klum/Seal. Too bad - one of the most admired of all celeb couples, in many ways.

Has Darth broken up with Mezhgan?

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Speaking of high-profile splits, it appears, or maybe not, that reality-show magnate and nasty boy Simon "Darth" Cowell has ended/is cooling/has no idea what's up with his relationship with his fiancee, the blindingly lovely Mezhgan Hussainy. They met in 2003 and got promised-up last February. But they haven't seen each other since before Christmas, Darth tells the Daily Mirror. She's moved out of his L.A. mansion and into a house nearby, a sort of decompression chamber, evidently, for Cowell girlfriends - such as Terri Seymour - to get used to not being ridiculously famous and wealthy any more. Darth says, "I don't know if I will ever get married, but I am happy." That is the main thing after all, isn't it, Darth - whether you're happy?

Outrage! Scandal! Of mild interest!

Did you see just how many votes funny guy Stephen Colbert got in the South Carolina GOP primary Saturday??? OK, so he was running, hilariously, as Herman Cain. How many votes did "Herman Cain" get? He came in fifth, yo! With 6,324 votes! He trailed fourth-place finisher Rick Santorum by only 95,733. Colbert/Cain got way more votes than Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, and Gary Johnson combined. True, none of them were running anymore . . . but, then, he isn't really running, either! We call that a win!!!

Sundance air too rare for Morgan

Comic Tracy Morgan fainted shortly after accepting an award at the Creative Coalition Spotlight, part of the Sundance Festival, way up there in Park City, Utah. He was rushed to a hospital, where he was joined by fiancee Megan Wollover. TM has diabetes and had a kidney transplant in 2010. His rep, Lewis Kay, spoke of altitude and exhaustion - and slapped down snarks that TM was drunk. The hospital said no drugs or alcohol were found in TM's bloodstream. By the end of the day, TM himself was tweeting: "Superman ran into a little kryptonite. The high altitude in Utah shook up this kid from Brooklyn."

International kerfuffle over Leno joke

Um . . . oops. Seems Jay Leno made this little jest about Mitt Romney on the Jan. 19 Tonight Show. They showed a pic of the glorious Golden Temple of Amritsar, the holiest shrine in the Sikh religion. The joke was that it was Romney's "summer home." Tilt!!! International outrage! Overseas Indian Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi called the quip "quite unfortunate and quite objectionable" (man, he really knows how to hurt a guy!) and said the Indian embassy'd take it up with the U.S. State Department. The Sikh community is circulating an online petition saying "Jay Leno's racist comments need to be stopped right here." OK, fire that writer!!!

Twitter tragedy strikes millions!!!!

Demi Lovato is on Twitter hiatus, leaving 5.6 million followers writhing in an agony of Demi deprivation. On Sunday she tweeted: "Twitter break. It's for the best actually. Who allows me to have this thing anyways?!!! I just get myself in trouble! Haha. Anyway. . . BYE!" Rumors say she's struggling through a breakup with older guy Wilmer Valderrama (31 to her 19) - although spies from Life & Style saw the two giving mutual oral facials at Beacher's Madhouse in Hollyweird.

Little items like confetti all over

Throaty, rockin' chanteuse Joan Osborne announced the first leg of her North American tour to promote her forthcoming vintage-blues album Bring It on Home - and, h'ray!, it's coming through World Cafe Live on April 6. She's also doing a "Free at Noon" for our hero(in)es over at WXPN. Details to come. . . . Is Chris Brown back with Rihanna? Rumors erupted with reports that he and she were (separately) at the exact same L.A. drinkery/dancery, Greystone Manor, on Sunday. But, dang, those rumors were cruelly stamped False, and Shut Up, when Brown's rep told the world he was with his gf, Karrueche Tran. . . . Football and baseball guy Deion Sanders - that man does know how to look good in a suit - is divorcing Pilar Biggers-Sanders, and he says to her, sweetly: "Get out of the %#@& house!" She's still there, and he's going to court in Texas to encourage her expeditious egress. He says she has to, according to their prenup. She says she was duped into signing it. Stay tuned. . . . Kevin Federline, famed ex of Britney Spears, was taken to the hospital in Australia Monday after a pickup football game. K-Fed has put on mad weight, yo, and he experienced some heart distress. He's filming a reality TV show titled Excess Baggage. . . . Just after New Year's, the healthier, slimmer Aretha Franklin, 69, announced she was getting married to Willie Wilkerson. She was running around to Donna Karan and Vera Wang, getting fitted for dresses, talking a summer wedding in Miami or the Hamptons. Now, pfffft . . . "Will and I have decided we were moving a little too fast, and there were a number of things that had not been thought through thoroughly. There will be no wedding at this time," Monday's announcement said.

Babies babies babies babies babies

When in doubt, have kiddies! That's what we at "SideShow" say, not that any of these folks have any doubts. Kelsey and Kayte Walsh Grammer are expecting twins. Kristin Cavallari (The Hills) is with bairn by her fiance, footballer Jay Cutler. Oh, yeah? says fellow QB Drew Brees. He and wife Brittany expect progeny number three later this year; in a tweet, he calls it a "training camp baby." (They allow that in training camp? We want to play for the New Orleans Saints!!) Jessica Capshaw (Grey's Anatomy) and Christopher Gavigan are expecting número tres, and Josie Maran (Dancing With the Stars) and longtime bf Ali Aborzi await number two. And we expect another little "SideShow" Wednesday!

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