ONE HAS BEEN stalked by some of the country's top college programs. The other is scrambling to find a future home and likely is finished playing the position that has made him famous.

Both enjoyed outstanding production during the 2010 city football season, however, and there's no way they shouldn't be linked.

First say hello to Northeast defensive end Deion Barnes, who goes 6-5, 230, and is down to four schools (Penn State, Pitt, Michigan, Georgia). Now drastically change your sight line and give a special greeting to Samuel Fels quarterback Tyree "Bam" Rucker, who goes 5-9 (maybe), 150.

They're our Co-Public League Players of the Year in connection with the Daily News All-City Team, which also includes stalwarts from the Catholic League and Inter-Ac League.

Barnes this fall was credited with 85 tackles. An amazing 38, including 13 sacks, were made behind the line. In the PL AAAA championship game, which saw Northeast claim a title for the first time since 1983 (and terminate a nine-game losing streak in such contests), Barnes blocked a punt to set up one score and caught the game-winning TD pass off a fake field goal.

Rucker, who balked when first asked to play QB a year ago, slapped together one of the more amazing campaigns in city QBing history.

While leading Fels - out of a no-huddle, spread offense - to the Silver title and a spot in the AAAA semifinals, he broke the Pub record for passing yards in a season (with 1,994; mark had stood since 1969). Also, he accounted for 38 total TDs and 2,664 yards. His passes resulted in 25 scores. He added 13 more while rushing for 670 yards; he also had nine conversion runs.

Our Catholic League Player of the Year is La Salle tailback Jamal Abdur-Rahman, a 5-10, 175-pound senior who's bound for Villanova.

While leading the Explorers, the defending champ, to a return visit to the AAAA state final, Abdur-Rahman rushed 223 times for 1,767 yards and 24 TDs. He also posted 24 catches for 301 yards and three more scores.

Abdur-Rahman's 3-year varsity career featured 5,094 scrimmage yards - 3,974 rushing, 1,120 receiving - and 68 TDs (56/12). He tallied four other TDs on returns while racking up 434 points (one conversion). He also starred at cornerback.

Our Inter-Ac honoree is Joe McCallion, a 5-10, 185-pound senior linebacker from Haverford School. McCallion is bound for Penn and his sport there will be lacrosse; he also plays basketball.

In football, he led the Fords in tackles, with 50, and his leadership skills kept the squad together after it went 0-6 against an extremely difficult non-league schedule. Haverford won its final five outings, thus claiming its first outright Inter-Ac crown since 1971. He was also the team's leading rusher (709 yards).

Our Coach of the Year is Chris Riley, of Northeast.

In just his second season, he led the Vikings to their (aforementioned) first crown since 1983. He played a prominent role on that previous kingpin as an undersized offensive lineman and the feisty demeanor he displayed then is still way evident.

Due to injuries and inexperience, offense was often a rumor for the '10 Vikings. But they triumphed due to an outstanding defense, holding high-powered George Washington to one TD each time in the regular season and championship game.



L Ryan Geiger, La Salle 6-1, 265, Sr.

L Brandon Chudnoff, George Washington 6-2 230 Sr.

L Frank Taylor, Archbishop Wood 6-4 275 Jr.

L Connor Mahoney, Malvern Prep 6-4 270 Jr.

L Brandon Russell, Frankford 6-0 250 Sr.

Rec Daquan Cooper, George Washington 5-10 165 Sr.

Rec William Fuller, Roman Catholic 6-0 145 So.

Rec Jaelen Strong-Rankin, West Catholic 6-4 190 Sr.

QB Tyree Rucker, Samuel Fels 5-9 150 Sr.

QB John Loughery, Penn Charter 6-5 225 Sr.

RB Jamal Abdur-Rahman, La Salle 5-10 175 Sr.

RB Gary Postell, Bishop McDevitt 5-7 170 Sr.

RB Desmon Peoples, Archbishop Wood 5-8 170 Jr.

MP Brandon Hollomon, West Catholic 5-11 150 Sr.

K Christian Guinan, Chestnut Hill 6-4 200 Sr.

P Kyle Haber, Roman Catholic 5-11 185 Sr.


L Deion Barnes, Northeast 6-5 230 Sr.

L Heleaince Gates, Del-Val 6-4 220 Sr.

L Jack Gallagher, Roman Catholic 6-3 225 Sr.

L Jim Lynch, West Catholic 6-4 225 Sr.

L Sean Mooney, Malvern Prep 6-6 225 Sr.

LB Marcus Collins, Monsignor Bonner 6-0 215 Sr.

LB Terrance Stafford, Murrell Dobbins 5-10 220 Sr.

LB Joe McCallion, Haverford School 5-10 185 Sr.

LB Camille Max, Northeast 5-9 190 Sr.

LB Connor Daly, La Salle 6-0 195 Sr.

B Kevin Forster, La Salle 6-2 180 Sr.

B Jaron Turner, Olney 5-10 165 Sr.

B Dennis Regan, Roman Catholic 5-11 180 Sr.

B Matt Conroy, Bishop McDevitt 6-1 195 Sr.



L Kerry Shields, Roman Catholic 6-1 235 Sr.

L Chris Dibello, Haverford School 5-10 220 Jr.

L Markeith Minnick, Del-Val 6-5 265 Sr.

L Cameron Cappo, La Salle 6-2 215 Sr.

L Casey Strus, Cardinal O'Hara 5-11 245 Sr.

Rec Tyrin Stone-Davis, Jules Mastbaum 6-2 185 Sr.

Rec Shane Morrell, Episcopal Academy 6-3 180 Sr.

Rec Quran Kent, West Catholic 5-7 155 Sr.

Rec Brad Wilson, Del-Val 5-10 175 Sr.

QB Skyler Mornhinweg, St. Joe's Prep 6-3 205 Jr.

QB Tony Smith, George Washington 6-4 220 Sr.

RB Rolando Ransom, Comm. Tech 5-8 170 Jr.

RB Sharif Smith, Horace Furness 6-0 195 Sr.

MP David McCants, Overbrook 5-9 170 Sr.

MP Richard Williams, Thomas FitzSimons 6-1 165 Sr.

K Nick Visco, Archbishop Wood 6-2 180 So.

P Ryan Winslow, La Salle 6-4 175 So.


L Colin Thompson, Archbishop Wood 6-6 240 Jr.

L Joe Naji, La Salle 6-2 225 Sr.

L Jihad Ward, Edward Bok 6-5 245 Jr.

L Matt Donaldson, Archbishop Carroll 6-4 235 Sr.

L David Espinosa, Northeast 6-1 205 Sr.

LB Keith Corliss, Germantown Acad. 6-2 200 Jr.

LB Jeff Heath, St. Joe's Prep 6-1 190 Sr.

LB Khalil Neal, Edward Bok 6-0 225 Sr.

LB Russell Calloway, John Bartram 6-1 225 Sr.

LB Drew Formica, Cardinal O'Hara 6-1 185 Sr.

LB Devon Barrett, Lansdale Catholic 6-1 230 Sr.

B Marc Price, Frankford 5-11 170 Sr.

B Nate Smith, George Washington 6-0 185 Jr.

B Brian Dones, Chestnut Hill 5-7 145 Sr.

B Connor Thompson, Father Judge 5-11 190 Sr.



L Nicholas Johnson, Imhotep Charter 6-2 220 Sr.

L Colin Kelly, Chestnut Hill 5-11 260 Sr.

L Dillon Hood, Murrell Dobbins 6-3 275 Sr.

L Dajuan Franks, Frankford 6-5 260 Sr.

L Rodney Linder, West Catholic 6-0 275 Sr.

L Mike Mooney, Malvern Prep 6-5 265 Jr.

Rec Tyler Gallen, Cardinal O'Hara 6-1 175 Sr.

Rec Eric Leslie, West Phila. 5-10 145 Jr.

Rec Matt Pinzka, Lansdale Catholic 6-0 195 Sr.

QB Ryan Laughlin, Cardinal O'Hara 6-2 200 Sr.

RB Spencer Moses, Simon Gratz 5-10 175 Sr.

RB Marcus Kelly, Roman Catholic 5-9 155 Jr.

RB Hakim Sillman, George Washington 5-7 175 Jr.

RB Shaquille Sammons, Edward Bok 5-9 205 Jr.

RB Maurice Palmer, Imhotep Charter 5-10 185 Sr.

MP Terry Brown, Samuel Fels 5-10 195 Sr.

MP English Peay, George Washington 5-11 160 Sr.

MP Joey Sankey, Penn Charter 5-7 155 Sr.

K Connor Foley, Father Judge 5-10 180 Fr.

P Michael Downs, Archbishop Wood 6-1 185 Sr.


L Rory Clark, Archbishop Wood 6-3 240 Sr.

L Brian McGilloway, Archbishop Ryan 5-7 180 Sr.

L Dom Boseman, Thomas Edison 6-1 210 Sr.

L Claudy Mathieu, George Washington 6-4 210 Sr.

L Tyler Hightower, Chestnut Hill 6-1 285 Jr.

LB Joe Nilan, Malvern Prep 5-11 205 Jr.

LB Dan Pellicciotti, Roman Catholic 6-2 215 Sr.

LB Sam McCain, Archbishop Wood 6-1 180 Sr.

LB Anthony McDonnaugh, West Catholic 6-2 215 Sr.

LB Aaron Walker, Murrell Dobbins 5-10 225 Sr.

LB Ernest White, Murrell Dobbins 5-10 225 Sr.

B Lamont Davis, Northeast 5-8 175 Sr.

B Maurice Harris, Horace Furness 6-1 150 Sr.

B Tyree Stone-Davis, Jules Mastbaum 6-2 180 Sr.

B Khalil Brown, Simon Gratz 5-10 175 Sr.

B John Clark, Conwell-Egan 5-10 170 Sr.

B Paul McGann, St. Joe's Prep 6-1 180 Sr.




L Ryan Geiger, La Salle Sr.

L Frank Taylor, Wood Jr.

L Kerry Shields, Roman Sr.

L Cameron Cappo, La Salle Sr.

L Casey Strus, O'Hara Sr.

Rec William Fuller, Roman So.

Rec Jaelen Strong-Rankin, W. Catholic Sr.

Rec Quran Kent, W. Catholic Sr.

QB Skyler Mornhinweg, SJ Prep Jr.

RB Jamal Abdur-Rahman, La Salle Sr.

RB Gary Postell, McDevitt Sr.

RB Desmon Peoples, Wood Jr.

MP Brandon Hollomon, W. Catholic Sr.

K Nick Visco, Wood So.

P Kyle Haber, Roman Sr.


L Jack Gallagher, Roman Sr.

L Jim Lynch, W. Catholic Sr.

L Colin Thompson, Wood Jr.

L Joe Naji, La Salle Sr.

L Matt Donaldson, Carroll Sr.

LB Marcus Collins, Bonner Sr.

LB Connor Daly, La Salle Sr.

LB Jeff Heath, SJ Prep Sr.

LB Drew Formica, O'Hara Sr.

LB Devon Barrett, Lansdale Sr.

B Kevin Forster, La Salle Sr.

B Dennis Regan, Roman Sr.

B Matt Conroy, McDevitt Sr.

B Connor Thompson, Judge Sr.



L Rodney Linder, W. Catholic Sr.

L Austin Oscovitch, Con.-Egan Sr.

L Eric Condron, Judge Jr.

L Guy Cook, SJ Prep Sr.

L Brandon Arcidiacono, Wood Jr.

Rec Tyler Gallen, O'Hara Sr.

Rec Matt Pinzka, Lansdale Sr.

Rec Sean Coleman, La Salle So.

Rec John McGilligan, Bonner Jr.

QB Ryan Laughlin, O'Hara Sr.

RB Marcus Kelly, Roman Jr.

RB Brandon Peoples, Wood Jr.

RB David Williams, W. Catholic So.

MP Kyle Adkins, Wood Jr.

MP Jay Watkins, O'Hara Jr.

K Connor Foley, Judge Fr.

P Ryan Winslow, La Salle So.


L Rory Clark, Wood Sr.

L Brian McGilloway, Ryan Sr.

L Corey Bronson, Roman Sr.

L Steve Owens, Judge Sr.

L Tyler Ramirez, Bonner Jr.

LB Dan Pellicciotti, Roman Sr.

LB Sam McCain, Wood Sr.

LB Anthony McDonnaugh, W. Catholic Sr.

LB Eric Medes, SJ Prep Jr.

LB Darren Wright, McDevitt Jr.

LB Kevin Burns, W. Catholic Sr.

B John Clark, Con.-Egan Sr.

B Paul McGann, SJ Prep Sr.

B Damiere Shaw, O'Hara Jr.

B David Sherman, W. Catholic Sr.

B Greg DiSanto, Carroll Sr.

HONORABLE MENTION (20) (Seniors Unless Noted)


John Landis, Judge, Rec., jr.; Anthony Reid, W. Catholic, QB; Joey Monaghan, Wood, QB, jr.; Sean Quarterman, Bonner, QB; Andrew Mandato, Lansdale, QB; Mark Stinsman, N-G, QB; Tim Wade, La Salle, RB, jr.; Raul Quinones, Judge, RB, jr.; Mark Casale, SJ Prep, RB; Adam Dempsey, O'Hara, RB; Jamie Juisti, Bonner, RB; Rich Brown, C-E, RB; Martin Henry, McDevitt, MP.


Jack McGurrin, C-E, L; Dan Mancini, SJ Prep, L, jr.; Mark DiFrangia, La Salle, LB; James Messina, Wood, LB; Phil Riehl, SJ Prep, B; Tim Mills, Judge, B, jr.; Jim Haley, Bonner, B, soph.




L Brandon Chudnoff, Washington Sr.

L Brandon Russell, Frankford Sr.

L Markeith Minnick, Del-Val Sr.

L Nicholas Johnson, Imhotep Sr.

L Dillon Hood, Dobbins Sr.

Rec Daquan Cooper, Washington Sr.

Rec Tyrin Stone-Davis, Mastbaum Sr.

Rec Brad Wilson, Del-Val Sr.

Rec Eric Leslie, W. Phila. Jr.

QB Tyree Rucker, Fels Sr.

RB Rolando Ransom, Comm Tech Jr.

RB Sharif Smith, Furness Jr.

RB Spencer Moses, Gratz Sr.

MP David McCants, Overbrook Sr.

MP Richard Williams, FitzSimons Sr.

K Howard Lynn, Northeast Jr.

P Kevin Hayes, Furness Sr.


L Deion Barnes, Northeast Sr.

L Heleaince Gates, Del-Val Sr.

L Jihad Ward, Bok Jr.

L David Espinosa, Northeast Sr.

L Dom Boseman, Edison Sr.

LB Terrance Stafford, Dobbins Sr.

LB Camille Max, Northeast Sr.

LB Khalil Neal, Bok Sr.

LB Russell Calloway, Bartram Sr.

B Jaron Turner, Olney Sr.

B Marc Price, Frankford Sr.

B Nate Smith, Washington Jr.

B Lamont Davis, Northeast Sr.

B Maurice Harris, Furness Sr.



L Dajuan Franks, Frankford Sr.

L Nadim Harris, Furness Sr.

L Tyler Renninger, Roxborough Sr.

L Kamal Bloodsaw, Bartram Sr.

L Rich Underwood, Franklin Sr.

L Jamal Barksdale, Fels Sr.

Rec Rich Drayton, Central Jr.

Rec Charles Barber, Prep Sr.

Rec Rashaun Sligh, Northeast Sr.

Rec Devin Sanders, Imhotep Sr.

QB Tony Smith, Washington Sr.

RB Hakim Sillman, Washington Jr.

RB Shaquille Sammons, Bok Jr.

RB Maurice Palmer, Imhotep Sr.

MP Terry Brown, Fels Sr.

MP English Peay, Washington Sr.

MP Ravone Cornish, Central Sr.

K Walravens Daniel, Bok Sr.

P Matthew Gregory, Overbrook Sr.


L Claudy Mathieu, Washington Sr.

L Chris Dorn, Overbrook Sr.

L Jamil Morgan, Gratz Sr.

L Marqui Alfriend, Bok Jr.

L Demetrius Town, Franklin Jr.

L Rasheed Bailey, Roxborough Sr.

LB Aaron Walker, Dobbins Sr.

LB Ernest White, Dobbins Sr.

LB Bernard Avery, Roxborough Sr.

LB Martin Monroe, Univ. City Sr.

LB Lamar Richards, Bartram Sr.

B Tyree Stone-Davis, Mastbaum Sr.

B Khalil Brown, Gratz Sr.

B Savoy Martin, Frankford Jr.

B Curtis Witherspoon, King Sr.

B Sincere Merced, Lincoln Jr.

HONORABLE MENTION (30) (Seniors Unless Noted)

OFFENSE: Edward Mills, Overbrook, L; Rahshawn Bradshaw, Germantown, L; Tommy Tann, Prep Charter, L, jr.; Jared Hines, Fels, Rec.; Nijay Kelly, Fels, Rec., jr.; Jamil Williams, Dobbins, Rec.; Terron Fuller, Boys' Latin, Rec.; Michael McGroarty, Frankford, QB; Kevin Butler, Dobbins, QB; Larry Richardson, W. Phila., QB; Keith Page, Del-Val, QB; Christopher Lewis, Imhotep, QB; Robert Andrews, W. Phila., RB; Marquise Edwards, Northeast, RB; Markeese Walker, Del-Val, RB; Hakim McCain, Future, RB, jr.; Zaim Tahiraj, Central, MP.


Maurice T-Toe, Bok, L; Sirea Boone, Furness, L; Nasir Alston, Olney, LB; Chris Sullivan, Franklin, LB, jr.; Hank Anhalt, Southern, LB; Jeremiah Kendrick, Roxborough, LB; John Counts, Fels, LB; Julius Broughton, Olney, LB; Michael Brown, Northeast, LB, jr.; Jeffrey Byard, Bartram, LB; James Brunson, Comm Tech, B, jr.; Rashaan Walker, Del-Val, B; Kevin Stover, Lincoln, B.