When you're packing for a trip, save yourself a headache and visit


before you zip up that last bag and throw it in the car.

What's hot: This travel resource is written for parents by parents, because who knows better than a parent when a kid's naughty alter ego might emerge? Pit Stops for Kids is not just for road trips. The site reviews airport play spaces, parks, and kid-friendly motels and restaurants you would encounter on the interstate.

What's not: You might get lost navigating the Web site. For example, I clicked on Travel Essays, and it took me to www.nevertruetales.com, which, after clicking around, looks like a blog by the same author. Also, I wish that searching by state led me to a Google map of archived "pit stops" instead of a list of archived blog-post excerpts. Be sure to click through to get the full review with pictures.

- Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times