It's a website; it's an iPhone app; it's a talking digital photo. It's


What's hot: Transforming any digital photo and recording a personal message is unbelievably cool. Now you can taunt your friends about all the fun they're missing while you're away. But don't wait for a grand trip. You can send talking photos from anywhere, even lunch. Even better, upload photos to your blog or pass them on using social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Posterous. You can even e-mail your creation.

What's not: It couldn't have been easier to use on my iPhone with the free Fotobabble app found on iTunes. But my Adobe Flash settings had to be just right to use it from the website. I couldn't click the "allow" button when it requested access to my camera and microphone. When this happens, go to the website's FAQ and get tips for your Adobe Flash settings.

- Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times