This website adds another resource for finding inexpensive stays by connecting travelers with locals willing to rent all or part of their homes.


What it does: Acts as a peer-to-peer marketplace for travelers who need a place to stay. Travelers submit an itinerary and sit back while hosts bid for their business by offering anything from a private or shared room to an entire residence.

What's hot: It's a new site that fits somewhere between and, with a touch of I loved having the Google Maps Street View embedded in the profile page for the accommodation. The website is clean, simple to navigate, and inviting. It also makes it easy for prospective users to get in touch with hosts. Nearly 4,000 destinations in more than 100 countries are available.

What's not: Don't fall in love with the exotic pictures. When I looked up destinations such as San Diego and London (which I was more likely to visit than New Zealand, Italy, or Morocco), the options weren't as eye-catching.

- Jen Leo,

Los Angeles Times