Get smart, firsthand family travel advice and tips from mothers who refuse to leave their kids - or Jimmy Choos - at home.


What it does: Gives parents information about hip hotels, villas, inns, and resorts where they and their children can feel welcome and have a good time.

What's hot: Each hotel has been visited by the Poshbrood staff and written about from a personal point of view. As the mother of a toddler, I will return to this site again and again for the tips. I loved seeing pics of kids at play and recommendations for child-focused activities and restaurants.

What's not: You can't search by destination. Instead, you look for hotels that match your travel personality or theme, such as "kid programs," "beach," "celebrity hotspot," and "spa." New York is a standout destination, but you'll find reviews for many properties across the country.

- Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times