Save your Internet for when you really need it. These offline recipes - sure to appeal to vegetarians and carnivores alike - will make even a rookie camp cook look like a top chef at chow time.

Name: Camp Recipes!

Available for: iPhone; Android version in development.

What it does: Offers more than 700 easy-to-prepare recipes for all types of campers, from well-equipped motor-home travelers to backpackers far from civilization. There's even a survival food section for when all you have are your own two hands.

Cost: $1.99

What's hot: The search-by-prep-time option puts this app above other camping-recipe apps in the iTunes store (there are just a few). I found tasty recipes such as Cowboy Stew and Ice Cream in a Bag that took 30 minutes or less to make - ideal for campers reaching their site with little daylight left.

What's not: This app would benefit from photos of the finished product. How-to videos for lengthier recipes also would be welcome.

Worth it: Absolutely, even if you use it only once. And when you arrive at your campsite after dark without a flashlight, there are plenty of apps in the iTunes store to help with that, too.

- Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times