Such a simple idea; such a useful product. Satechi's Compact USB Surge Protector is a diminutive 1.4-by-2-by-1.25-inch three-prong plug that converts a single AC outlet into dual outlets - one for a two-or three-prong AC plug, the other for a USB charging plug. Both get surge protection. OK, this isn't cutting-edge tech, but how nice to be able to charge two electronic devices simultaneously while freeing up an AC power outlet or a USB port on your laptop. The lime-green face helps distinguish this adaptor from similar-looking ones without surge protection. An LED indicator lights up green to show the surge protector is working. The 1-amp output is fine for charging smartphones and 7-inch tablets, but may or may not be able to handle larger tablets. My iPad charged OK, but I'm hoping Satechi's next model has a 2-amp output to guarantee success. Still, this is cheap, small, and welcome - especially in outlet-challenged rooms.