This website is a handy tool you can use to build your bucket list from travel photos shared by your Facebook friends, as well as a visual portal into your friends' vacations.


What it does: Imports travel photos posted by your Facebook friends and organizes them by city and country. You can keep track of where they have been and where you hope to go.

What's hot: The "Dream" mode is the most inspirational. Traverie rolls out a location across your screen with a collage of travel photos taken by your Facebook friends. You can add the individual location to your bucket list or note specific slides. I loved that you can add your own notes to a single photo in your bucket list. Even better, you can click on that picture and send a Facebook message to your friend. You also can easily toggle between friends' photos.

What's not: Think twice about who you've Facebook friended. The site allows access to all your photos including those that you may have forgotten (those bikini photos snapped in Cancun, or that bachelor party bacchanal in Las Vegas).