Those little air-activated hand-warmer packets you stick in mittens to warm fingers in frigid weather have morphed into a handy product for grown-ups with kids. The WarmZe Bottle Warmer is an air-activated heat wrap that, in about 30 minutes, heats and keeps bottles at a soothing 90 to 104 degrees for up to 8 hours, requiring no electricity or batteries. The heat wrap does not actually touch the bottle. The bottle is placed into an included "bottlesock," the warming wrap is wound tightly around the base of the sock, and then the top of the sock is folded back down over the wrap. The air-activated pellets inside the wrap are biodegradable. The disposable wraps are used up after 8 or so hours, and must be replaced with refill wraps. The reusable bottlesock, which comes in a black-and-white cow pattern, is washable. The WarmZe Starter Kit, with one bottlesock and two heat wraps in a zippered pouch, comes in two sizes; large fits most 8- to 11-ounce bottles; small fits 4- to 6-ounce bottles. Works with most liquids, including breast milk and formula. Great for warming bottles (or keeping bottles warm) on the go when cold comfort just won't do.