Here's a portable light that's on a roll. The Yo Lamp is a little battery- powered task light with a flexible 18-inch arm that winds out of and back into a yo-yo-like, 3.5-inch-diameter by 1.5-inch-thick plastic base. Uncoil all 18 inches, or just some of them, and bend the arm for the illumination you want. This is more a spotlight than a lamp, but the beam is bright, the on-off button is simple and easy, and the base comes in shiny blue, green or fuchsia as well as black or white. Runs on three AAA batteries (not included) or the included USB cable. An AC wall adapter, widely available, will also work well, but make sure you've got the right fit - or get one of those multi-plug AC adapters that provide a range of voltage and connection types. You'll want batteries installed even if you are using a power cable, since without the batteries' weight, the Yo Lamp is kind of tippy.