Chiloe is a four-season destination. March and April, fall in the southern hemisphere, are good months to visit, after vacationing Chileans have gone home. The weather is warm, the colors are changing, and hotel rates drop. Rain showers are frequent year-round, except in winter, when it may snow; bring a raincoat or parka.

Lodging: Hotels, inns and B&Bs are available in most price categories. For a more deluxe experience, the top-ranked Hotel Parque Quilquico ( offers rustic luxury. The Tierra Chiloe ( provides minimalist contemporary design. Both serve fine cuisine and offer room rates with or without meals, spa and massage services, swimming pool and fitness equipment, guided tours and outdoor recreation and airport transfers.

Flying there: The airline connections with the least elapsed time are on LAN flights from the U.S. to Santiago, with a single stop in Lima, Peru. Other airlines also fly to Santiago, but with more stops and/or longer airport waits.