Are you into extreme budget travel? If you're bored with couch surfing or just want a different style of camping, here's another variation of the sharing economy for you to try.


What it does: Connects house dwellers (and their backyards) with adventurous campers. More than half of the garden listings are in Europe; the remainder are sprinkled throughout the rest of the world.

What's hot: It's not always just a patch of grass. I found a wide range of yards and accommodations, including a 1930s bow-top Gypsy wagon in North Devon, England; a yurt on a sheepherder's farm in the eastern Pyrenees of France; and a 120-acre plantation in southern India, to name just a few. There's a robust facilities search filter if you're looking for gardens that have WiFi or public transportation nearby, allow dogs or provide hot water and other amenities.

What's not: Not all the listings I was interested in had photos, so that omission hindered my search process. Be aware that there could be cynical listings such as the one I found for camping in the heart of Los Angeles' skid row.