Remember when a flashlight was just a flashlight? How quaint. Satechi's new LightMate LED Flashlight is a multitasking workhorse providing not just light, but also power. A built-in power bank at the tail end of the aluminum alloy body has a micro-USB port (cable included) for juicing up the removable rechargeable lithium ion battery, as well as a USB port for charging mobile devices. The push of a button cycles among three brightness levels and three lighting modes - a solid directional light, a quick-flashing strobe light to draw attention, and an SOS mode, with three short flashes followed by a pause, then three long flashes, to signal serious trouble. Screw the included hollow plastic "lamp" attachment over the flashlight end and you've got a lantern. Screw the steel alloy pointed tip over the charging port end and you've got an emergency window breaker, or, heaven forbid, defense weapon. The 7-inch by 1.25-inch-diameter LightMate weighs about 1.5 pounds, is water resistant, and comes with a detachable carry strap.