What it does: This website lets the public book one of three 160-square-foot cabins on wheels. The locations are apt to change but promise to be a two-hour drive or less from Boston. Plans are underway to add at least 15 more houses by spring in two more destinations. The rate is $99 per night for weekdays, $109 on weekends.

What's hot: Ten designers, adventurers, campers, and others put their heads and brute strength together to build three houses on wheels. The results seem to have jumped from the pages of Dwell magazine. Get out of the city and leave its distractions; play a board game or grab the marshmallow stick that's waiting for you. If you are OK with using a compost toilet and paying a nominal amount for the stocked provisions, you'll be all set to enjoy the peaceful wooded surroundings and, of course, see whether you could live tiny in the long term.

What's not: Brace yourself for spotty cellphone service. You might have to save your social bragging for after your trip.