Whew! Made the flight. Settled in your seat, nestling against your travel pillow, wouldn't you love to be able summon your glasses, passport, smartphone, or perhaps some lip balm without moving a muscle? Well, your wish is nearly a command with the PurseN Travel Pillow Organizer.

What you have here is a plush, polyester-covered, U-shaped memory-foam pillow with long scarflike panels sewn onto the ends. Each side contains an angled zippered pocket and an open pouch. A little snap-down tab on one panel is meant to hold headphone cords in place. With those velvety flaps flowing cozily over your shoulders and down your chest, you have merely to slide your fingers into the pocket holding the object of your desire - say, your reading glasses or a pack of gum. (The pockets also make nice hand-warmers).

Snap-closure tabs connect the two panels at neck level, holding the pillow in place, so you and your pillow/organizer need not part ways when nature calls or you deplane. For storage, the panels fold up against the pillow ends (empty the pockets first), held in place by elastic straps. The polyester panels and attached pillow cover are washable once you remove the memory-foam pillow via its zippered exit slot.

PurseN Travel Pillow Organizer, in black, brown, navy, or burgundy, is $34.99 at www.pursen.net